How going back to ‘business as usual’ might feel strange at first.

During the course of 2021 more and more of the world will be opening up again. Some experts predict a ‘summer of love’. All the behaviour that has been repressed during the pandemic will be overcompensated when the restriction are lifted.

In the same article however, psychologist Najla Edriouch speaks about the flip side of upcoming parties, gatherings and other social events; they might be overwhelming. After over a year of very limited social interaction, we have become used to a smaller amount of stimuli around us. Now that the options are slowly presenting itself to attend large-scale social gatherings again, we must be careful not to overstimulate ourselves too fast. Events that used to feel normal could become an overwhelming experience until our brains have recalibrated to our old levels.

Brands can support their customers with this transition. How, depends completely on the brand you are working for. One thing is clear, both humans as well as brands should tread carefully and take there time to adapt to yet another ‘new normal’. 

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