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The big ban: fossil fuelled ads are banned at Amsterdam Metro stations

“A round trip to Barcelona for €25,-”, or “The New Seat Ibiza, temporary €250,- cashback”, do you travel by metro in Amsterdam? If so, you won’t come across these ads anymore. As of the 1st of May, the city banned all ads at metro stations that promote products and services that rely on fossil fuels.
Amsterdam is the first city to ban these ads at metro stations in the Netherlands. By doing so, the municipality sends a message to the fossil fuels industry that their actions don’t deserve a spotlight in their city, or at least not at their metro stations. At the same time, the ban of these ads creates a spot for other, more sustainable alternatives which increases the likelihood that these alternatives will be picked up by metro travellers. Win-win!

Today, brands that harm the environment are not only discouraged by the (semi)-government through penalties or regulations. Now, there are fewer platforms in some public spaces for them to promote themselves and their products. Definitely a step in the right direction!

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