Father and baby son, Son sits on the neck of the dad

Why LinkedIn is adding a new feature to their platform for stay-at-home parents

LinkedIn now provides a feature that allows parents to add ‘stay at home dad’ or ‘stay at home mom’ as a job title. The reason behind this new feature is to cover gaps in employment timelines on the platform. While giving more credence to the work that parents do.

A particularly relevant addition in current times. Often combining many roles like a career and being a mother. U.S department of labor found that more than 2 million women had to leave their jobs due to the pandemic. Be it because of limited child care options or layoffs.

Moreover, The World Economic Forum found dads find the ‘incompetent’ dad stereotype insulting. It is a frustration among dads, as they don’t feel it reflects reality. In an age of new masculinity. Where men are becoming less of the ‘breadwinner’ and more of a father. They work less and spend more time with their children.

Millennial parents want to know that brands they buy from reflecting their values. According to the National Retail Federation, 44% of millennial parents shop from brands that reflect their values. Whereas 23% of parents from other generations feel the same. Brands can learn from LinkedIn. They have given both moms and dads the opportunity to highlight their role as parents. Instead of hiding their employment gaps, parents can highlight parenting front and center.