Screenshot Innocent Tweet about opening up bars after corona

It’s not just the young looking for fun: boomers are vaccinated and down to party!

Lockdown is easing…gradually! Across Europe, different countries are at different stages of easing lockdown. Most recently, England celebrated the reopening of their much-beloved pubs and some brands joined in the celebration. Tesco encouraged people to visit and support their local pub after a tough economic year. While innocent drinks put out a very relatable ‘drunk’ tweet suggesting an alternative alcohol-free drink. Are you even allowed to drink a smoothie in a pub? Debatable.

Much of the news footage of the pubs opening again featured groups of young people eating and drinking together. Further, on the lead up to the removal of restrictions, it was the younger generation who were interviewed about their feelings of going back to the pubs and bars again. But what about the older generations? Again, they have been left out of the narrative and assumed to still be holed up in their homes waiting until it’s safe to emerge. However, older generations are just as ready, if not more so, to get back to socialising and partying with their friends. Before coronavirus, boomers were living their ‘third age’, with more freedom and wealth than any other generation. It’s no wonder that they are keen to get back to their busy lifestyles. And in some ironic twist, it is the older generations that are actually now the safest and can socialise with a clear corona-free conscious. Thanks to the vaccine. So, until it’s time for the younger generations to roll up their sleeves, boomers are vaccinated and down to party!