Singapore by Stream Inside Taxi

Experience “Singapore by stream” on Twitch

With travel restrictions implemented worldwide, tourism has come to a halt. However Singapore is opening up its borders, albeit virtually. ‘Singapore by Stream’, launched by the Singapore Tourism Board, makes use of the live streaming platform Twitch. The experience offers an immersive experience until people can travel safely again, where viewers are encouraged to interact with the driver taking them on the trip around the city.

With this initiative, the tourism board has found a creative way to give potential tourists a taste of the city, letting them feel a sense of adventure, under the expert guidance of the people who know the city best – taxi drivers! They offer an authentic and local point of view of the country, sharing insider tips and hidden gems.

Immersive and authentic experiences like these draw people in, and make it all the more memorable. Ski resorts have been live streaming their slopes, zoos have been live streaming their pregnant animals, so it is not completely new. What is new is the increasing number of users and growing interactions on professional platforms like Twitch. Time to reconsider; what could you be live streaming?