Oreo Acadamy cooks

Oreo Academy: a recipe for success

Tiktok and Instagram have become awash with videos of people sharing new ways to use Oreo cookies and a plethora of creative recipes have emerged as a result. As it turns out, Oreo cookies can be added to just about anything and it will taste great. Combine the popularity of Oreos with the growing interest in baking during the pandemic and you have the perfect recipe for Oreo to step into the baking world. Oreo have used this to their advantage and created the Oreo Academy – an online cooking school in Spain. This virtual cooking school showcases the Oreo cookie as an ingredient in baking. The website features a number of cooking tutorials from professional chefs demonstrating how to create different desserts using Oreo cookies. This new venture generated a whopping 35% increase in sales.

As a brand, Oreo have hit the nail on the head. They have successfully reframed their cookie as an ingredient for cakes and shakes. This opens up new consumption occasions for Oreo cookies. They can now be considered more than just a snack. Instead, they can be part of the larger family of sweet treats, more often associated with desserts and celebrations which call for cake. Clever cookies! By reframing their cookie, Oreos no longer need to be confined to the snack aisle. They can branch out to the baking or ingredients aisles. Why not take a leaf out of Oreo’s recipe book and discover how you can reframe different aspects of your brand in order to expand your market.