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Gen Z’s mental health is taking the biggest hit, this is how organizations react.

While older generations are being hit hard physically, younger generations are being hit hard mentally during the pandemic.

A recent study found that 63% of 18 to 24 year olds in the US experienced anxiety and depression, with 25% of young adults resorting to increased substance use to deal with stress. Another 25% even reported that they’d considered suicide in the past thirty days. It’s clear that mental wellbeing amongst Gen Z is vital now, more than ever before.

As a reaction, many mental wellbeing initiatives have popped-up focussing on people between 18 and 24 years. Like ‘The Foundry’ and more recently ‘Alles oké?’ (everything ok?) and “UpTalk”.  Both initiatives allow young adults in need to call, chat, Whatsapp or sometimes meet health experts about everything that leaves them restless, frustrated and anxious these days like money, study, insecurity, love, alcohol or drugs.

As the quest for mental health is becoming bigger among Gen Z, so is the use of mental health services like ‘UpTalk’ and ‘Alles Oké?’. Initiatives like these aimed at Gen Z, show the need for mental health support in new and more accessible ways. They are an answer to long waiting lists for mental help and fit the way Gen Z communicates (e.g. through WhatsApp) about personal subjects. Brands that want to become relevant among Gen Z should understand the mental state of the generation. Learn from these initiatives how to create services that fit the needs of Gen Z.