Dove inclusive model holding bord with Show us. It's on us.

Want to make people trust your purpose? Start collaborating!

With 70% of women feeling under-represented in media and advertising it’s time to step up the beauty game. Dove sent an open invitation to any brand advertiser, offering to pay for the presence of real beauty in advertisements by using Dove’s models. With the campaign “It’s on Us”, the company encourages other brands to join forces to ensure that all women feel represented in media and advertising.

Tony’s Chocolonely ‘Open Chain’, Microsoft’s ‘Inclusive Design Kit’ and Dove’s ‚It’s on Us’, are just a few of the many open-source examples of how brands encourage others to transform industries together. People expect businesses to take actions that could increase profits and make a social impact. With numerous greenwashing and terrible purpose-led marketing examples, however, people increasingly demand brands to also practice what they preach. Sharing your resources for the greater good so everyone can profit from them – competitors included – might be the ultimate proof that you truly live up to your mission. This also helps to build trust among people. Dove strives for a world in which the next generation can grow up with a positive view of the way they look, raise their self-esteem, and realize their full potential. Only by collaborating can Dove redefine what real beauty is. Magnum, Cif, Krispy Kreme, and Nedbank have joined them to show the world a more inclusive and diverse vision of beauty. Is your brand next?