‘Stocktok’ and the rise of young investors

Times are changing. With the great strides made in accessibility and user-friendly broker platforms like De Giro, Robinhood, and Bux Zero, more and more young people are joining the world of stock trading. A combination of factors seem to drive young people to take up investing; low interest rates on savings, spare money laying around after a year of lockdowns and an increasing hype on non-traditional platforms like reddit and TikTok. The trend “#investing” has amassed over 2 billion views on TikTok as more and more young people are turning to the platform to learn about the stock market. 

One of the most interesting developments is that young people are focusing more on ethical investments. Millennial investors are actually twice as likely as the overall investor population to invest in companies targeting social or environmental goals. Generation Z has also taken an interest in investing due to the pandemic. The young generation’s job prospects have been hit the hardest out of all the age groups. Pair this with the lag in their education and you can understand why their need for financial self-reliance has been strengthened even further. These developments pose an opportunity for brands. Young generations and consumers want to spend money on impact and self-reliance. How can you accommodate younger generation in letting their money work for them?