Tackling societal issues the Gen-Z way

The coronavirus is bringing another pandemic along with it. The shadow pandemic – an increase in domestic violence cases as a result of being in quarantine. Krystyna Paszko, a Polish high school student who took matters into her own hands. She created Camomiles and Pansies. A fake online cosmetic shop that acts as a cover-up to report domestic violence, acknowledging the fact that it may be hard for victims to make a report to authorities when they are trapped at home with their abuser.

Krystyna demonstrates Gen Z’s sense of awareness and responsibility while understanding the needs of the people she wants to reach. She understands that for this age group, it feels more natural and discrete to use Facebook rather than making a report to authorities. Although a heavy subject to use as an example, it shows the importance of understanding the needs and perspectives of the target group and in what ways an organization can cater to that, especially around sensitive topics such as this.