Do you have an audio strategy yet?

Barilla, Italian pasta producer, has turned to Spotify to create the playlist timer. A playlist that runs the same length of time as it takes for the pasta to be perfectly cooked. From boom bap fusilli to moody day linguine to accompany you during dinner preparations.The length of the playlist varies from nine to eleven minutes depending on the pasta shape, with different music genres and a variety of artists.

With podcasts increasingly becoming more popular, not to mention the up and coming audio based platform, Clubhouse, it is clear that the preference for audio consumption is rising. Barilla is perfectly playing into the new interest for audio content and created a campaign that revolves around audio. That is not to say that visual media is no longer relevant. Covid accelerated people’s needs for transcendent experiences, distraction and creative impulses. Both visual as well as audio experiences cater to these needs. This would be the time to reconsider your visual communication and audio strategy to connect with consumers now and in the future. 

Barilla’s spotify playlists

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