heinz billboard

Why every brand should want to be nr 1.

Our friends from the brand consultancy BrandTrust always challenge their clients with the following question. What’s the name of the first man on the moon? And the second? Exactly, most people only remember Neill Armstrong. It is a great metaphor for the importance of aiming for the nr 1 position in the market and in the minds of your consumer. There is one brand that has clearly managed to do so in the right way. Heinz Ketchup conducted an anonymous experiment where they gave participants a simple instruction: “draw ketchup”. All they knew was the fact they were anonymously participating in a social experiment for a commercial.

Guess what, the majority of participants, who spanned from all five continents, went straight to drawing Heinz Ketchup. Revealing just how global and iconic the brand has become. Heinz used the outcome to feature the drawings from participants in their ads. They even took it a step further to invite others to submit their very own drawings of the iconic ketchup for the chance to receive a custom Heinz Ketchup. A great case in point showing the power of brands and advertising.