Trend: using nostalgia to seduce consumers

Every brand is competing for the attention of the consumer. Standing out and getting noticed is one thing. To be appreciated is another. Nostalgic visuals are an effective way to elicit positive emotions from potential customers. Research shows us that nostalgic images activate the reward area of our brains. In other words, seeing nostalgic images makes us happy. Clothing brand Levi’s has found a way to play into Millennials fondness of the past with their new Pokemon themed collection. The collection consists of outfits worn by iconic characters in the past, as well as images of classic Pokemons on iconic Levi’s apparel. Increasingly brands are utilizing nostalgia to seduce their consumers. For example Disney’s reboot of their classics like the Lion King , or microsoft’s ‘child of the 90’s’ commercial. Levi’s has even done this before with their Stranger Things clothing line, replicating the 80’s apparel worn in the show. Using nostalgia is not suited for every brand however. When done right, using nostalgic visuals can be a powerful tool to spark positive emotions. Expert tip: go back to your target audiences formative years – when they were between 10 and 25 – to look for cues.