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COA: the kind of innovative idea the world needs.

Several lockdowns later and the daily walk has turned into a joyless trudge. No matter how many takeaway coffees and cakes you consume in an attempt to give the daily outing a purpose, life has become a bit mundane. We can all agree that we’re fed up! It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on everyone’s mental health. School pupils in particular are experiencing the brunt of this. Being in and out of school and attempting to learn from home has led to some pupils lagging behind others, especially poorer students who do not have easy access to online resources. The inconsistency of the school semesters has been felt across Europe. Consequently it threatens to widen the divisions of education and class. In addition, many experts worry about the emotional and developmental damage of the lockdowns on school pupils. The pandemic has opened up much-needed discussions surrounding mental health and has demonstrated how important this is for overall wellbeing. In fact, a California-based start-up, Coa, have launched the world’s first mental health gym. COA encourages a pro-active approach to mental health. It enables consumers to maintain their own wellbeing through regular check-ins with therapists and emotional wellbeing classes. For now the concept of a mental health gym might sound very ‘Californian’ and unfamiliar. However, this is the kind of innovative idea the world is in need of right now. Not just for adults.

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