Why Gen Z hate everyone

Ok boomer!’ The popular rebuttal adopted by Generation Z in 2019 in response to the continuous conversation surrounding the concern of younger generations. This phrase encompasses the collective exhaustion Gen Z feel towards babyboomer’s misrepresentation and condescension of Gen Z’s political and cultural beliefs. Gen Z is dismissing these concerns and has found a particularly cutting and belittling way of doing so. This week, Gen Z turned their attention towards Millennials. In a slightly more superficial but nonetheless scathing attack, Gen Z took to Tik Tok to call out Millennials on everything they were doing wrong – from side partings to wearing skinny jeans

But why does Gen Z hold so much resentment towards the generations before them? This appears to stem from some deep-rooted anger towards older generations thinking they know better than younger generations – with age comes wisdom and all that. Considering the state of the environment, the housing market and various societal inequalities at the hands of older generations, Generation Z is forced to question whether older really does mean wiser. It is no surprise; therefore, that Gen Z is fed up with older generations deciding what is best. Generation Z are progressive, realistic and responsible. With this in mind, as a brand, how can you target Gen Z and appeal to this mindset? To begin with, treat them as adults; show them how you as a brand can benefit them and society. Be open and honest and hear what they have to say. After all, they are the future.