The rise of virtual beings – Deepak Chopra in AI

Even according to wired, “Virtual beings are a concept and industry so new and nebulous that no one quite agrees what they are or what they’re for.” The best way to describe what’s going on would be to introduce you to Digital Deepak – the artificial intelligence version of Dr. Deepak Chopra. After more than a year in training, Dr. Deepak Chopra managed to create the world’s first fully interactive AI wellbeing app available to the general public. This proprietary technology from the AI Foundation is the first of its kind, globally. Its promise is to deliver next level wellbeing through personalized guidance from Dr. Deepak Chopra. Check out the video on his website to get a good impression. These virtual beings are about the blurring realities between what we as humans consider as real. And whether being real even matters. For organizations who need to train their people, provide experiences to their customers, or just need a cheaper model in their ads, this is an important trend to follow.