Hyper-personalized AI-Driven cosmetics

With the increase in artificial intelligence technology, more and more practical implementations are found every day. An interesting use of the tech is hyper-personalized cosmetics. Picture an AI picking and creating a scent or a lip stick, personally tailored to you. Algorithmic Perfumery in Breda uses its algorithm to create a unique scent, based on a survey about your preferences. This way you get a perfume that fits you perfectly and is probably the only one of its kind. The second example comes from Korea-based cosmetic company Amorepacific. They created an AI that is able to recommend and create the perfect lipstick color based on pictures of people. The customization of products to individual levels is no new trend but something that does constantly pose itself in new forms and formats with the development of new technology. In a hyper-globalized world where we are able to mass produce just about anything, people look for authentic products; something unique to themselves. How can your brand offer (hyper-)personalized products or services to its customers?

Image source: Algorithmic Perfumery