Millennial’s optimism deteriorates – now what?

Here is an interesting stat from Deloitte’s global research: “Positive economic sentiment among Millennials is at its lowest in the six years we have been recording it. Only 26 percent of respondents said they expect the economic situations in their countries to improve in the coming year. That figure has never been lower than 40 percent and stood at 45 percent the past two years.”Clearly, we are seeing a deterioration of optimism, due to Covid-19. Earlier last year the economist also questioned whether Millennials are turning radical as they are suffering from yet another crisis – particularly in southern parts of Europe.

Millennials have been raised by Babyboomers. They came to believe that as long as you take the freedom to follow your heart and believe in a brighter future, you and your world will only get better. Their formative years, around the 90’s and 00’s, only confirmed their optimistic outlook. But now things seem to change. We’ll be watching Millennial’s needs evolve and keep you posted.