xbox commercial

Finally a brand that understands Boomers‘ ‘third age’.

We’ve been part of hundreds of innovation challenges creating new business models for Millennials, inventing new products or services for Generation Z, communicating in the right way to younger generations. But the amount of ‘boomer-projects’ is limited. One explanation – based on our own experience – is that most organizations just don’t seem to understand what an enormous opportunity the boomers can bring. We’re not just talking finance here. They are wealthy, most organizations are aware of that. More important is that Babyboomers are living their Third Age. 

Third age

As life expectancy is rising, a new life stage is manifesting itself for Babyboomer. This is life after the typical career-building and family-raising stage. With improved healthcare and quality of life, most of them will live beyond to 80+ years. For Babyboomers, age is just a number. And although they are aging they don’t identify with being old. They proceed their retirement as if working through a bucket list consisting of traveling, dating, dressing stylish, and enjoying life. They are challenging the status quo with ‘old age’ and long for a ‘late thirties’ lifestyle. Shamefully, very few brands seem to understand this lively attitude of Babyboomers. 

Xbox seems to get it right. 

The Beyond Generations campaign addresses that many seniors suffer from loneliness, something that has been exacerbated by global lockdowns. As such they connect boomers to their grandchildren to play together. Boomers can also immerse themselves in gaming together with others as a social activity. Treat yourself on this 3 minute snack between your next video calls.

Image source: Microsoft