Mona Lisa

The growing desire for a magical moment

The Louvre in Paris has recently auctioned several special visits. Think of a tour at night, a tour over the roofs of the museum or a guided tour by the director of the Louvre. The most special visit that was auctioned was probably to attend the moment when the Mona Lisa is taken off her case for the annual examination. Enormous sums of money were offered for these ‚magical experiences‘. From €38,000 for the guided tours to €80,000 for the unique Mona Lisa experience!

These high sums for incredibly exclusive experiences confirm what we already know: the human need for transcendence is stronger than ever. The question this phenomenon raises for brands is to find out what resources you have to facilitate these experiences (and which are not just for people who have tens of thousands of euros to spend). There are plenty of opportunities to explore new forms of exclusivity (empty buildings, low-key contact moments via digital channels, etc.). In today’s world, brands can increase their relevance by responding to the human desire for new, transcending experiences.