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All you need to stay relevant

More than ever, corporate and brand strategies must be chosen wisely. But defining a strategy in the midst of economic turbulence, governmental stimulus and changes in consumer demand is hard. We’ve seen many organizations adapting their business models to the new reality. Others are still in freeze mode, waiting for people to get their vaccin shot. At the time of writing many countries are in the 2nd lockdown. And we have no idea (again) how long this one will take. 

Yet, as in the first lockdown, we are pretty sure of one thing; whatever happens, it is influenced by peoples needs, values and behavior. And just to dump our usually modest tone I’d like to brag a bit about the fact that we know a thing or two – actually 10 but we’ll get to that later – about how to respond to todays crisis. Yes, let me dare to say this: we know exactly what human needs and behavior is changing. And even better – what is not. 

What we also know is that our clients are looking for exactly this…

– Research from WARC among 1000 marketing executives found that 74% of respondents said post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior will significantly impact 2021 marketing strategies. Obviously, the events of 2020 urge many marketers to reshape their strategies to suit the new reality. But what is that new reality? We know.

– Research from Dentsu conducted in 13 different countries found what’s the most important challenge for CMO’s in the next 6 – 12 months. With 40%, the most mentioned challenge is to understand what consumer behavior is temporary vs permanent. We know that too.

In sum the nr. 1 priority for marketers is to find out how to stay relevant. Last year we have worked with Vodafone, Nationale Nederlanden, Univé, Proximus, RTL, Stabilo, Swiss Krono, and more to find where and how they can ensure their relevance. Using our model that enables brands to connect the short temporary changes to long-term evolving trends. Revealing exactly what (post-pandemic) changes and shifts they had to respond to. 

In 2021 we will keep updating our model, ensuring your relevance. We are looking forward to meet you, inspire and work with you.