Australian insurance company NRMA uses board game to engage customers.

Engaging with consumers is a tough cookie for insurance companies. Insurance products are a mandatory commodity that most people don’t want; making the acquisition of a policy a low interest moment with hardly any joy and engagement. On top of that the customer journey is a hard nut to crack. When the customers actually file a claim you have only one chance to get it right…mostly in conflicting circumstances.

Australian insurance firm NRMA Insurance has come up with an inspiring way to tackle this engagement challenge in a fun and entertaining way. They have designed a board game that is educating people on the importance of a home insurance – by confronting players with risks such as fires, tornadoes and burglars. All highly relevant topics, especially in Australia where there’s a decrease in the number of home insurances the past few years and because of the country’s major risks such as extremely hot summers.

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Although the insurance systems are different in each country, it’s a low-interest and intangible product everywhere. Therefore we were positively surprised by this board game and believe in the potential of using edutainment as a way to increase brand relevance. Not only for insurers, but also for other brands and organizations that struggle with showing the importance of their product or service.

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