The busy lives of Generation X parents

Do you play a relevant role in the busy lives of Generation X parents?

Alongside their role as parents – and their personal goals and career – Generation X is also taking care of their aging parents and maintaining friendships. Being engaged in all walks of life, while staying socially active, is an ambitious goal. Especially now during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is insight #6 in a nutshell, part of our 10 strategic insights on how to stay relevant as a brand in times of Covid-19. Last week we covered Babyboomers, this week we’ll be focussing on Generation X.

Generation X parents: A highly relevant group

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance was already stressful for Generation X, but the corona crisis has put even more pressure on finding this balance. Trying to work from home, while many parents had to home-school their children, is just one of the many struggles they face. But although it is very hard to win the attention of this group because of their busy lives, this generation is a highly relevant group for many brands to target and attract because they are in the middle of doing so much. So, ask yourself: What role could you play in the busy and caring lives of Generation X employees and customers? 

Three examples of brands that help to destress

Various brands, especially in retail and the food & beverage industry, have taken the opportunity to destress the busy lives of X’ers. For example Oatly, who introduced ‘Oatly Department of Distraction Services’. Or the ‘Family Fun Hub’ of McDonald’s. Two examples of brands that help X’ers (and their kids) to stay active and keep them away from boredom in times where the possibilities of going out with the family are limited.
Next to offering lots of activities, brands could also help families in making sense of what is happening in the world right now and how to act on it. Like author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler are doing with their children’s cartoon book the Gruffalo. They use these cartoons to explain children about today’s difficult and confusing situation.

By sharing these examples we hope to ignite some creative ideas that help your brand to become even more relevant in the lives of X’ers. Need more guidance? Download our other strategic insights here.