How Babyboomers experience staying inside

How Babyboomers experience staying inside and how you can help.

Boomers are concerned. As older generations are more vulnerable to the virus. What does that mean for business? Well, they are less comfortable with outdoor activities such as going to a museum, traveling, shopping or going to the movies (Morning Consult 2020). They are more willing to self-isolate than younger generations. But, they hate it. Just as any other generation.

Research from Morning Consult

So far, nothing special or smart here, right? But what if we put this in the human context of the boomer generation. This is a generation that lived through the Summer of Love. The one that invented good music. A generation that broke down barriers. A pretty revolutionary and outgoing bunch. 

So, how would this generation experience today’s times? Indeed, it hurts and feels extremely uncomfortable on an emotional level. They might have a big house, a large garden and a good reason to stay at home as older generations are more vulnerable to the virus. But people are not rational. The challenge for brands is to recognize their concerns whilst keeping them connected to their social environments.

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