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In the near future, you are going to need a Generation Z strategy

A generation Z strategy for the future

Whether you have a Gen Z strategy today or tomorrow, you’re going to need one in the future. That’s why we were sharing our Generation Z insights to the suppliers of AS Watson, known from its Kruidvat, Trekpleister, Ici Paris XL brands. Last week, around 500 people from leading FMCG brands were attending the session. The influence of Generation Z on the retail landscape has been researched quite a bit. And although many research papers cover interesting insights, what is lacking is the context. Sure, Generation Z are mobile natives. Yes they have a different outlook on health and beauty. But what drives them in their decision making? And how is that different compared to Millennials? To understand what drives peoples behavior you’ll need context. Providing insights from pedagogy (stealth fighter parenting), sociology (formative years) and anthropology (adonis complex of fitboys) allows us to go beyond ‘knowing’ that something is shifting. Truly ‘understanding’ the context helps brands to better decide their next move.

Want to know more about Generation-Z? Keep an eye on our socials to discover new insights. Next week we will be presenting our trend insights in Cannes to +50 CEO’s from the international insurance industry. The week beyond we will inspire in +300 of the biggest global retailers with insights in kids and teens. Stay connected!