Vodafone X TrendsActive: Making big data valuable with thick data

The marketing field is often seduced by beautiful stories on new technologies: artificial intelligence, big data, you know the drill. But what should we be really talking about? Right. About the customer. At TrendsActive we believe that marketeers should focus less on tech, and more on people. Because whenever and wherever you work, you work for people.

Chief Gadget Officer
Aljan de Boer from TrendsActive wrapped up the first day of MIE ‘18 with this message – do not degrade yourself to Chief Gadget Officer but make sure you really understand the customer. Adding on to this point, Kokke van der Werf from NN Sparklab and Julia Koster from VodafoneZiggo presented two inspiring cases.

Feeling Special
Kokke talked about how their corporate start-up SparkLab look into the future of insurance. Disruptive technologies offer hundreds of possibilities, but should technology be the starting point for innovation? No, it should not. Rather, it should be the deeper insights into the customers’ needs that form new successful business models. Bundelz, a prepaid car insurance, is a good example of a service that addresses and fulfills the needs of Millennials. Millennials are me-centric: they want to feel special and set high demands for companies.

Human Insights
VodafoneZiggo aspires to excel on customer centricity. How they do that? By linking customer data with human insights. Hearing the “ooohs” in the hall, it was clear that the audience was not expecting to hear that in the age of Big Data, VodafoneZiggo simply segmented on age and gender. Truth is, combining Big Data with Thick Data is the secret recipe for getting a more complete picture of the customer.

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