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TrendsActive’s interpretations are based on sociocultural trends. 
These trends describe the knowledge and values of people within society from which their behavior can be explained. They are very useful for business strategy, as these are long term trends (that last at least three to fifteen years).

We do not work with so-called ‘product trends’, i.e. the iPad or Twitter are not trends. The real trend is the mindset of people which led to the success of these products. That’s why we are 100% focused on the understanding of people’s behavior. We keep a constant tap on the world’s best research. 
We buy trend reports, read academic books, visit conferences, check blogs and talk to a lot of experts.

In other words: we trendwatch the trendwatchers. We filter all the information into simple everyday language. Most trend agencies would like organizations to believe that there are more trends than ever which also change with lightning speed.

Fortunately, this is not true. Gadgets, gizmos, fashion crazes and internet hypes: these are not trends. They are just the form in which long term trends manifest themselves.
There are only a handful of structural socio-cultural trends that shape the era in which we live. These trends change very slowly and remain relevant for many years. Therefore these trends should be the strategic foundation for all companies that provide services and consumer products.

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