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TrendsActive has great experience and expertise on interpreting and implementing sociocultural trends. Our services include trend lectures & workshops, the development of marketing communication, products & services and consultancy. In this section you can find more information on TrendsActive’s specific products and services. For examples of our work, have a look at our cases page.



TrendsActive’s lectures are among the top high ratings at conferences and symposia worldwide. Our presentations are like a visual management summary, packed with need-to-know information and presented in a down to earth style with global practical examples.

We always provide a useful interpretation of our trends, since our philosophy is: Great trend! And now what? The interpretation can be basic, but it can also be brand and/or sector specific.



For most clients we also develop and visualize tailor made concepts. These visualizations are custom-made for your organization. This has proven to be an effective tool for a deeper understanding of the potential the trends have, and also gives your organization a great start for innovation within the organization.

If you are interested in a trend lecture, please have a look around at the trend section or send us an e-mail at info@trendsactive.com for more information.

TrendsActive’s trend lecture will give your audience a deep understanding of one or more sociocultural trend(s). You will learn about the drivers behind a trend, about its manifestations and – that’s what makes this lecture so valuable – also contains a basic interpretation of what a trend can mean for your organization. Our lectures are academic, entertaining and relevant. They will surely inspire your audience.
Have a look at our trendsection to get a better idea of the content that we can deliver. Our lectures are suitable for small board sessions and large global conferences. They can last anywhere between ten minutes and two hours.

During the trend lecture+ we will present the what, how and why of one or more sociocultural trends of your choice, and discuss the possibilities of a trend for your organization. The difference with a basic interpretation is that we will take the interpretation to the next level and specifically interpret the trend(s) based on your question. This results in tangible and practical ideas on what a trend could mean for your organization or sector specifically. Interpretation is possible for all sectors and on all areas such as positioning, brand strategy, marketing, products and services.

The trend lecture++ is our most succesful product as it is a great tool that can a) help you understand the trend; b) give you an idea about what a trend could mean for your organization; and c) provide you with a practical and valuable tool for next steps.
After selecting one or more trend(s) from our trendsection, we will interpret the trend, develop ideas and turn the ideas into visualized concepts – all specifically for your organization! This has proven to be a very useful tool to really understand what a trend could mean for your organzation. It will give you a head start on working with sociocultural trends.

For more info on pricing, availability and the possibilities of tailor made solutions, please contact us at info@trendsactive.com.





TrendsActive gives workshops on a regular basis. We develop custom-made workshops based on our sociocultural trend database and your specific business questions. We regularly give presentations at conferences and at clients to talk about trends and their implications.




Workshops can be a one time event but can also be a recurring inspiration session that enables you to fully understand the depths of different trends. Workshops can be organized for every part of your organization. For just the executives, for a specific department, a specific problem or a specific product category.


The trend workshop is an extended version of our lecture products. During the trend workshop we will have more time to interact and discuss what selected trend(s) can mean for your company. Especially when creating tailor made ideas and concepts, it really helps to take the content one step further than we are able to do in a lecture.
A trend workshop will help to let the information stick and will make it easier to integrate ideas and concepts into your organization. For this workshop you can choose one of the lecture products that will be turned into a custom made workshop.

Aside from being inspired by listening to trend lectures, it can be very helpful to get the chance to actually work on applying trends on one of your business questions. This will give you a basic insight in how to apply research in your daily business and will come in handy for years to come.
In the trend interpretation workshop we don’t just talk about trends and their interpretation, we will also work with our methodology to apply trends to your organization and create practical solutions for your business questions. We won’t solve all of your issues, but we will help you take the first (and second) step.

During the incompany course you will get a thorough overview of several (or even all) trends of our database. It is a very valuable global overview of all the trends that will be relevant in years to come. This course is ideal for decision makers and executives.
Whether we drop by four times a year or every month is up to you. It can consist of lectures, trend workshops or interpretation workshops and can last anywhere between one hour and a day.
*At Utrecht University we teach an executive course that follows the same line as the in compnay seminar course. More information can be found on our site.

For more info on pricing, availability and the possibilities of tailor made solutions, please contact us at info@trendsactive.com.






TrendsActive started as the daughter of a marketing-communication agency that is now completely integrated in TrendsActive. Also, the founders of TrendsActive are



very experienced on both agency and client side. That means that we have a lot of experience in developing marketing communication concepts and products.

TrendsActive has great in-house experience and expertise to turn (y)our insights into top-notch concepts for your brand and product communication. The combination of global consumer knowledge and our experience in marketing and creative work, makes us a valuable partner in solving today’s marketing issues. Questions we work on range from the development of marketing strategies to the creation and execution of marketing campaigns. Examples can be found on our cases-page.

TrendsActive helps brands and organizations to create and develop new products and services and to refresh existing ones. Our development process is always based on our proven methodology to make sure our concepts are based on tangible consumer-senctric sociocultural trends. Questions we work on range from concept development of new products and services to enhancing current products and services. Examples can be found on our cases-page.

TrendsActive has inhouse designers with wide experience in package design, corporate identities, posters, magazines and more. With TrendsActive’s extensive knowledge of both sociocultural trend research and design, we can create and execute something that not only looks great but also something that really connects with your target group. Examples can be found on our cases-page.

For more info on pricing, availability and the possibilities of tailor made solutions, please contact us at info@trendsactive.com.



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