Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam is a housing corporation based in the Dutch city Rotterdam. With almost 50.000 homes, it is one of the largest in the area. Most of Woonstad Rotterdam homes are located in the south of Rotterdam. This part of Rotterdam is characterized by low income families, a lack of social cohesion, high unemployment figures, above average crime and can be characterized as a troubled neighborhood. It can also be characterized by the fact that there are 143 nationalities living in the small area of Rotterdam Zuid, which makes it the most divers area in the Netherlands.

We developed different solutions to increase social cohesion between inhabitants of Rotterdam Zuid and presented them in a lecture at a city debate with employees of the company, stakeholders, journalists and local politicians. After this, we did several other assignments for Woonstad Rotterdam based on this lecture.

One of the ideas to create more social cohesion was to offer free internet to the neighbourhoods.

To enter this free internet, you should login to your own neighbourhood landings page (with all relevant neighbourhood information)

An idea was to create elections for neighbourhood ‘mayors’. Regular people that could become the face of the neighbourhood and host the neighbourhood blog and magazine.

Rotterdam south has the most different nationalities of the Netherlands.
So we thought it would be an interesting idea to develop Hollands largest restaurant.
All the different cultures would have their own representation through their kitchen.

We thought that every restaurant should be build in sea containers, reflecting Rotterdam’s harbour history. The container could be uses as ‘pop-up’ restaurant at other events.

One of the ideas was to paint landmarks of the neighbourhoods.

Or areas that really needed to be freshened up.

An idea was to create an ‘art’ project on satellite antennas. (Rotterdam south has lots of satellites)

Every neighbourhood has their history. An idea was to make street tiles on places where historical events had taken place.

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